industrial engines


NISSAN Industrial engine -Spark Ignition Series


 The industrial use engine of Nissan has the history more than 40 years from

 entry into production of the 1960s.
 Forklift truck, GHP, electric generator is adopted in various uses and has an

 excellent reputation. 



 ☆ Clean by nature
  It supports a Japan & U.S. exhaust emission regulation.
  Nissan is the top runner of the achievement of the latest

  exhaust emission regulation.


 ☆ Proven durability
  Tuning latest technique exclusive in the tough structure,construction

  which matched industrial use.


 ☆ Street-credibility
  It is spent the latest automotive technology generously by simple

  parts configuration.


 ☆ Multi-fuel
  Usable fuel is gasoline, LPG,Natural gas/CNG.
  Also supports Bi-Fuel of gasoline & LPG.


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