@Nissan Kohki is a power train speciality company.



As the power train* specialist in the Nissan group, Nissan Kohki produces the main parts for engines, axles and components of high quality.
With other purchased parts, these parts are assembled into engines and axle units, here or at other domestic and foreign assembly plants of the Nissan group.
Complete units are installed in Nissan vehicles at assembly plants and delivered to customers.
*Power train is a general term for engines and drive train components. Drive train components are assembly of parts which transmit engine power to the tires. (The drive train consists of the transmission, transfer case, differential gear, drive shaft, etc)



@Main Products
car use engine  
industrial engine
engine&axle  parts machining


Company name Nissan Kohki Co.,Ltd
Adress 6-6-1,Okada,Samukawa-cho,
Koza-gun,Kanagawa Prefecture,
Line of business 1.Manufacture of various engines for automobiles,forklift trucks,industrial machinery,etc.
2.Machining of various engine components.
3.Machining and assembly of automobile axle components.
Employees 800
Establishment September 30,1964